Non-Invasive Stone Clearance

Non-Invasive Stone Clearance

POCUS for Kidney Stones

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Sonogram by stone relief
stone relief inflated membrane

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  • Lithotripsy with diagnostic; C-Arm or Ultrasound.

  • Dedicated technician to perform the procedure.

  • Schedule an entire day of kidney stone patients.

  • Lunch and learn for the medical staff on Medispec future products.

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Highest stone-free rate and lowest re-treatment rate compared to competing solutions in the market.

Backed by clinical research and supported by doctors who trust us for patient care.

Backed by clinical research and supported by doctors who trust us for patient care.

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Unique Ultrasound and X-Ray Integration

Doctors can choose the adequate localization and monitoring method (X-Ray or Ultrasound) for each case, or a real-time view during treatment using both.

The Medispec system can be used with most standard ultrasound systems available for localization purposes. The ultrasound probe can be easily detached, allowing the same ultrasound unit to be used for non-lithotripsy purposes.

Backed by Clinical Proof

  • EM1000™ offers customization for each patient, ideal for lithotripsy and endo-urology

  • Fast, effective results

  • Low adverse event rate

  • Leading the field with clinical evidence

Business Advantages

Own your own modular and compact lithotripsy system and create your own treatment schedules, no more waiting for your turn with a mobile system. With a limited investment,  our system can drive your revenues and offer your patients an easy, non-invasive treatment for kidney stones. Plus, it’s storable with a small footprint and easy set up.

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Sign up for a no-cost demo day

Sign up for a no-cost demo day.